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I just love everything about this. Bill claims he ended Russell and Eric, and will end QSA and Pam, because he loves her and wants to protect her even if she doesn’t want him in her life (guilt trip much?), however, in a way it’s obvious that those aren’t his only motives, he’s also doing it because he’s possessive of her and wants no one else to have her and by ending all of those who could be seen as a potential threat he’ll be able to have her all to himself.

Sookie’s body language during the conversation is very interesting, her hands are clasped together in front of her and this action shows a need for support, she’s holding onto herself. It expresses fear and difficulty coping with the current situation. Given the fact Bill nearly killed her not so long ago and then egged Russell on in terms of tasting her it’s obvious why she finds it difficult to be in his company. Her legs are tightly together, showing that he isn’t getting any Sookie Nookie tonight but also as her legs are parallel to one another it indicates a sense of properness, which conforms with Sookie’s Southern upbringing. She isn’t going to take any nonsense from him this evening.

Bill’s posture on the other hand is the antithesis. He’s taken the small, single chair in order to put some distance between them as he tells her that he’s ended Eric, knowing she isn’t really going to like that. He’s keeping himself out of her way in case she lashes out at him but at the same time on some subconscious level probably reverting back to his own Southern upbringing by allowing her some of her own space and not intruding…even though he pretty much intruded on her whole life. He’s sat with his legs wide apart, showing that he feels safe around Sookie as he’s exposing his manhood, he believes she wouldn’t have the guts to do him any serious harm. It also shows that he is feeling self-confident, that he knows what he’s about to say and that he made the right decision, it’s a sign that he thinks of himself as leader which one again links in to the fact he feels like he owns Sookie. He’s the one in charge and leads her and she should follow like all good women should. (hand me a stake will ya?)

He leans forward when he tries to guilt trip Sookie, invading her personal space in order to make her feel uncomfortable in a hope that she’ll cave to him and beg for him back. He’s also showing an interest, the thought of killing those who have tasted her is of a great interest to him. We all know he has a horrible sadistic side (i.e. having sex with Lorena while the woman was dying in the 50’s or whatever) and you can tell he’ll enjoy killing them. We see more of that in S4 when he plays up Eric’s amnesia in order to get a warrant for his death. He seems to relish it.

He then gets up to leave abruptly, knowing full well that Sookie’s naive and sweet nature will make her call out to him and ask him to stay or whatever. CUE ERIC NORTHMAN.

Probably isn’t relevant but my main question during that scene is how the hell he opened the door when he was at the bottom of the porch!? Is there something else going on here?! In Season 3 Episode 2, when Eric visits Sookie to confess his little lie to her, did anyone else notice the fact that when she opens the door his ears are a little bit pointed? Is that purely an accident or a clue that maybe, just maybe, Eric was part Fae as a human? Let’s be honest…that would be a pretty amazing twist! Plus it would explain a hell of a lot…his ability to open the door and the fact he can fly (manipulating air…Sky Fae guys?), his attraction to Sookie, why Godric was attracted enough to turn him (of course lets not negate his fighting skills!) and his absolute gorgeousness.

Back on point here, when Eric arrived he spoke directly to Bill and not to Sookie, challenging the younger vampire to tell the truth but also, perhaps, because he couldn’t look at Sookie knowing how much pain the new information would cause her. Bill’s nifty little hedging around the questions only pisses Eric off further so he casually saunters across the porch, trying to act like he doesn’t care which he of course blows with his whole ‘I’m sorry to see you suffer like this.’ speech. He brings up the attack and the forced feeding of Bill’s blood which is odd considering the fact he wasn’t there and it wasn’t mentioned before to him…how did he find out? Did he do some digging of his own when he got suspicious? That shows his level of care towards Sookie.

Bill attempts the whole ‘Oh dear me, I was forced, it was not my fault! I hurt Sookeh!’ thing with the whole bloody tears trailing down his face thing buttt we all know Sookie is hurting an awful lot more and probably doesn’t give a shit about his tears any longer. He can’t even look her in the eyes when he confirms that it’s true. He’s clearly not much of a man if he can’t look her in the face and tell her the truth.

Eric then sets about picking cement from his hair and flicking it away (I love that bit, that man can be dressed in a tracksuit and covered in cement and he’s still bangable!). By taking himself away he’s hoping to stop Sookie from lashing out at him as she so often does (i.e. the bitch slap when he was holding Lafayette in the basement, how many people would have the balls to bitch slap a 1000 year old Viking vampire?) but he’s also showing his dislike for the situation. He doesn’t like that he’s involved and that’s why he’s trying to keep a physical distance. By focusing on picking the cement from his hair he’s not having to focus on Sookie and the obvious distress and pain she’s feeling at the moment. Let’s not forget the fact that whatever she’s feeling he is too thanks to his dirty little trick in Dallas.

We finally get the Sookie with a backbone when she flings him out, laying down the ground rules and throwing his confession of love back at him as if he meant nothing, because in her eyes their ‘relationship’ meant nothing as she was purely a task, meaning all of her heartache and drama, the loss of her Gran and everything else was all his fault.

Eric’s ‘I want my phone back’ is a show of his power over Bill. Bill is on the floor in the dirt while Eric is stood tall and mighty on the steps of the porch. He’s above Bill in the hierarchy and at that moment he’s asserting that power. There is little else he can do but remind Bill where he currently stands.

I find it interesting that Bill walks away at a humans pace rather than vamping off, is this some show that he won’t run away? By walking he’s also enabling himself to hear the conversation between Eric and Sookie when he’s gone, if he were to vamp off he could miss some of it but by walking he’s ensuring he captures every word.

Sookie does what Eric presumed she would and lashes out at him the moment Bill is gone. He knew she was going to do that which is why he put some distance between them originally. He takes her harsh comments and her anger like a man, knowing that she needs to vent. He’d rather she let her anger out on him than do something stupid (which she does anyway when she poofs off to the Fae Realm) and instead tries to offer her some words of comfort. We know Eric isn’t an emotional guy unless Godric is involved (SOBS) but he lets her know in his own way he cares – ‘For the record, I would have never given you to Russell.’

He vamps before her, once again entering her personal space exactly like Bill did moments before however his approach is quick, reminding her of what he is and what he could do to her yet also showing her with his next words that he wouldn’t hurt her intentionally.  ’I’m sorry to see you suffer like this. I thought you had the right to know.’ is an interesting choice of words. He’s not going to baby her and give her cuddles and tell her everything will be okay, yet he’s expressing his feelings about the situation to her, telling her that he hated being the one to break the news to her and that he feels for her. We assume that having lived for over 1000 years Eric knows nothing about heartbreak and the pain of it, but then we remember Godric and how much he loved and cared for him. He knows what it’s like to be in her shoes and it’s his way of offering some form of comfort. By saying he believed she should know he’s setting himself apart from Bill. He’s not going to drag her into the real world and wrap her up in cotton wool and hide her from it all like Bill wants to, he’s going to let her see the real world and then decide for herself if she wants to be a part of it. He’s showing his respect for her by having told her. He values her and feels she needs the truth, not lies and deceit which is all she was receiving from Bill. He leaves just as quickly as he arrived, knowing his prolonged presence would only cause her more upset. He’s also granting her her request, he’s ‘getting the fuck’ off her porch.

His little conversation with Pam is somewhat enlightening. In a roundabout way he’s stating that being without Sookie is worse than the true death, an insight into Eric’s growing feelings for her perhaps? Also, when Pam says that she took out Reuben, Eric says and says ‘Great, on top of everything I’m out an assassin.’….urm on top of what exactly, Eric? You just got rid of Russell so there goes that problem, your bar is fine and making money so no cause for concern there and the whole issue with the V has been dealt with thanks to Russell hacking up the Magister in your basement. So the whole ‘everything’ could only mean the clusterfuck that just went down with Sookie? Is he stating here that she’s his ‘everything’ perhaps? Hmmm…..



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