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Night o’ thirteen :) fangarrific! (via @FangbangerEst89)

Which moment made me really sad?

yes i know there is a million and one scenes in seasons 1 through 4 that are really really sad but this one still even now is the only one that makes me cry really really hard.


just watching eric and godric together on the roof. eric on his knees crying. this isn’t the eric we’ve seen before and it is so touching and truly sad when he lost godric. I just couldn’t believe that godric did this and they just had him and killed him off so quickly as well. does that happen in the books? someone tell me there’s a little something happier with godric?

via Night o’ thirteen 🙂 fangarrific!.


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  1. There is no Godrick in the books. Eric’s maker is Appius who Sookie kills in Book 10 (Oops, sorry for the spoiler). I wish there was a Godrick. Appius is evil and twisted while Godrick makes you feel he really has regret for his past.

    May 29, 2012 at 10:46 am

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