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True Blood Season 5 Kill List (via @DarlingSookie)

LOL. As it gets closer to T-Day, True Blood returns, I’ve realized that we haven’t done an official kill list for True Bites. So for today’s Fang-A-Thon post and my second to the last blogathon post, I’m going to post my official Season 5: Kill List.

Kill List (in no particular order):

Nora: After the debacle with Lorena and now, most recently Debbie, let’s just say I’m probably bad luck for anyone who is/has been sweet on one of the men in my life.

In all fairness to Nora, she has the upperhand, what with being a vampire and all. But then again, so was Lorena and look at how that turned out…

Long live the Authority

Or not… Let’s face it, if there is one thing Alan Ball does a lot of it’s bringing in a ton of new characters for no other purpose than to find a way to kill them off.

Giving that I highly doubt he will kill off Bill and Eric, I find that all the Authority members have made my list for no other reason than sometimes one must cull the herd.

Continue reading via True Blood Season 5 Kill List.


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