Cravin' More? Cure your TB withdrawal!

Andy’s Progeny (via @JBDuRoneTB)

I’m starting to be a bit concerned about the potential for Andy to have procreated with that wanton, nympho-fae at the end of last season.

Andy is a fun and entertaining character, but not the best and the brightest of Bon Temps. He pretty much blunders from situation to situation; his best moment occurring when he described the crime scene of Jessica’s headless snack. This scene was overshadowed by the revelation that Sheriff Bud had polyps in his ass.

But what about an Andy Jr. that retained some powers of the fae? And
I’m talking more about the SVM fae and not TB. The TB fae biggest power is to turn ugly as hell. Well, that and keeping Bill Lumbergh preserved.

I mean an Andy Jr. that can perform magic. Or kick a vamps ass. Or be a male stripper. Not a pleasant thought is it?

All that being said, I’m glad Andy got laid. He blew it with Holly and has been on a four season dry spell. He’s due.

It’s Mike Spencer’s turn this season…

via Andy’s Progeny.


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