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Favorite Flashback – Day 4 (via @lexiglam)

Pam and Eric circa San Francisco 1905.

Pam is such a bad ass bitching vampiress that it was rather refreshing to see her vulnerable human side. Yet, she runs a whorehouse in San Fran, so she’s always been a bit of a bad ass even when she was a mere mortal.

When Eric and her first meet, he is her white knight swooping in to save her from a potential rapist. What a tender moment it was, even though our hero was covered in blood and licking it off his fingers. Pam was not afraid so Eric knew there was something special about this woman who would eventually become his greatest ally.

Eric uses his brutality and lack of conscious to gain more power as one of the strongest and oldest vampires of his parish, yet he was so tender with Pam after they made love in her whorehouse. She wanted him to turn her, but he refused. He felt for her enough, that he didn’t want to see her suffer for eternity. But Pam was willing to risk death in order to be with Eric; her supernatural soul mate.

Remembering the day she was reborn,  marked the moment when she realized that Eric finally had to let her go because she was a Maker now and nothing would ever be the same.

via Favorite Flashback – Day 4


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