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Fangover Fangathon Day 3 Favourite Flashback (via @SookieStack_SVM)

There were a few contenders this season. The death of Sookie’s parents, Alcide with his dad when he was asked what to choose and of course the Pam flashback where she first meets Eric. Eric in that top hat and tails was to die for, he was so gorgeous and I am sure I am not alone in that thought.

My favourite had to be the second Eric and Pam flashback, where Eric encounters Bill and Lorena as they had been responsible for draining Pam’s girls. Of course Eric had made it clear that he was only interested in Pam with his usual charm but that was disturbed by this discovery. Bill’s behaviour is very typical of baby vamps in that he thinks he can kill Eric, while Eric stands there, fangs bared, cheeky smirking grin on his face as he holds the stake and tells Lorena off.

The stylish way he deals with that as those two slope away before he moves in for the girl is so romantic and yet still typically Eric. I loved that flashback, best of all for the different players in it. Not to mention the insight it gave into the chemistry between Eric and Pam and how they laid the foundations for the partnership that we came to know and love over the course of the show.

This then runs onto my next favourite flashback, since I loved the whole Eric Pam story as a whole. As well as getting a nice glimpse of naked Eric, which is always a good thing, we learn more about Pam. We see her frailty and her strengths, we see her strong will shining through in her impassioned speech before she basically forces Eric’s hand. It is this whole package that convinces Eric that she would be perfect as his child and the rest, as they say is history.

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Sookie goes to Russell’s mansion and saves Bill…after he had sex with Lorena, told Sookie it was great and then dumped her ass over the phone.

I’m sorry but if that was me then I’d have left his undead ass to rot and wiped my hands clean of him. I wouldn’t have staked his Maker for him and I certainly wouldn’t have then given him my blood in the back of a rusty old van knowing I was part Fae and that he was suffering from extreme blood loss and would need a lot to replenish his strength.

Idiot woman.


Quopic of the Day – May 18th (via @EricSookieLover)

I’m cutting it close in today’s tonight’s fangalicious Fang-A-Thon 2012post! We’ll make this short and sweet!

This is going to be a Quopic of the Day based on True Blood! Now, I know a lot of you are down on the show right now…and I don’t blame you, but I would like to remember some of the great times we had! Let’s focus on the positive, okay?

I chose this scene, because it really was quite humorous. It was inspired by the Favorite Blood Moments poll on Facebook. So, let’s think back and remember how Eric tricked Sookie into drinking his blood when she sucked out the bullets. By the way, I think the poll is now closed. Hopefully Russell’s ripping the spine out of the newscaster won.

Check it out below!

You may remember in season 2, Eric “tricked” Sookie into sucking two bullets out of his chest, after he had saved her life in the house bomb blast, while Bill was out with Lorena.

Sookie: I sucked the silver out of Eric’s chest to save his life, even though I REALLY didn’t want to.

Eric: She was superb.

Bill: Eric was in no danger.

Sookie: He…what?

Eric: I tiny falsehood.

Bill: He was already healing. The bullets would’ve pushed themselves out. This way he’s forced you to drink his blood.

Sookie: No…no…NO!

Bill: He will be able to sense your emotions.

Sookie: You big lying a-hole!

Eric: Bill, I believe you’re right. I believe I can sense her emotions.

~True Blood: Season 2, Episode 9

LMAO! Even though Bill was in this scene…it was all about Eric and Sookie. Sookie, angered by how Eric had tricked her into sucking out the bullets, and drinking his blood. Eric was laying there, enjoying the show. I still enjoy this scene, just because of how Eric behaved. He was naughty and cocky. He was manipulative and used Sookie’s ignorance against her. Since this was one of our favorite book scenes, it was interesting to see Alan Ball’s take. Unfortunately for us, it didn’t end with a kiss like it does in the books. Oh well…it was still a great scene, IMO.

What are your thoughts? Share them below!

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Bon Temps’ Body Count (via @TB_PamR)

The first death is the hardestRene loses his head

The end of EggsFranklin the fakerTalbot before the jar

Final death surprises NanTommy last game

That article about bodies piling up in TV series started me thinking. There have been a lot of deaths in Bon Temps in the last four seasons. Now before we start debating Tara’s fate, let’s look at some of the other bodies True Blood has buried…or not.

Some of the characters deserved to die. Mary Ann, in spite of her killer decorating sense. Nan because there’s only room for one snarky blonde on True Blood. Marnie, for ruining my face. Sophie Anne, Debbie Pelt and Marcus Bozeman for selfish stupidity.

Others were largely forgettable. The idiot Godric strangled for trying to rape Sookie in Dallas. Most of the males from Hot Shot. Every girl Jason dated, and I use that term very loosely, in Season 1. That idiot witch that tried to get between Eric and Marnie at the end of Season 4, oh, and the gay storm troopers who never had names anyway. Those three idiot vampires and the trailer trash, not they weren’t the same people, in Season 1. Whoever was in the Dallas nest when the FOTS fool blew himself to bits. Anyway, you get my point. Lots of bodies, not many names.

By far the shortest list is that of those characters who had to die but you really wish had not. Sookie’s Gran is at the top of that list. So is Godric, of course. Then the list gets…provocative. There are several characters I could wish were still around and the names might surprise you. Rene, mostly because he was human and could have been arrested, leaving the plot open for his return at a later date (hello, can anyone say Russell???). The Magister. As painful as that season was, I rather admired his sadistic nature. Eddie was a worthless vampire, but assuming he was a competent accountant he could be useful. Lorena just because she made Bill’s existence miserable. And Tommy because at least he made Bon Temps interesting.

Hm. That’s not such a short list after all. I must be mellowing in the off-season. Don’t worry though, sentimentality is just like cement and I’m going to wash it righ out of my hair before True Blood Season 5.Because nothing stays buried in True Blood…even when you want it to. -smirks-

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#5HairMistakesVampiresMake (via @TB_PamR)

Pam's Poodle HairGodric's Bloody....Russell's Widow's Peak

Eric's Bloody FoilsLorena's Backwards 'do'nt

Vampires are unchanging. You would think that would mean we have no such thing as a bad hair day. -sighs- Unfortunately, that isn’t true, not even for me. Here are my picks for the worst #5BadHairNights from the first four seasons of True Blood.

5. Pam’s Poodle Hair – I am not a poodle or a zombie! -growls-

4. Godric’s Bloody… – I can’t decide if these are really sort braids/twists or if he just didn’t wash his hair for the first 1,000 years of his existence. Either way…ICK!

3. Russell’s Widow’s Peak – You’re 3,000 years old and you want to look like an air-brushed Eddie Munster???

2. Eric’s Bloody Foils – You just had to get blood in your hair, didn’t you Eric?

1. Lorena’s Backwards ‘Do – No hairstyle looks good when you’re head is on backwards. -smirks-

And yes, I was up all day worrying about this -smirks-

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Favourite Death…. (via @SassyJessOB)

Day 10…. Only 20 more days till season 5 hits the screens again but for me a lot longer!

True blood… My favourite death which is also included into the southern vampire mysteries would be the moment Sookie stakes Lorena. It’s a classic moment in book 3 and on the third series of true blood and I’ve enjoyed watching it many times.


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True Blood Season 5: Mistakes Vamps Make