Cravin' More? Cure your TB withdrawal!

TEN IS HERE!!!! lmao night TEN we’re here! (via @FangbangerEst89)

most trubies will not like this so please do not go further

i am on here to have fun with every other trubie on the planet! thank you :)

Which character I would like to meet and why?


Yes the person I want to meet is yes Bill Compton. Why? Why? you ask especially all the bill dislikes lol.

Yes when the show did start I had a huge crush on bill he is so good looking and i thought, just as sookie thought, that he was as sweet as pie. I want to meet him yes because to me he is still good looking and hot, but also to ask him questions.

  • Why did he hurt sookie?
  • What did he get out of being King?
  • Why was he really in cohorts with the stupid Queen?
  • What is so special about sookie’s cousin hadley?

Just more than anything questions questions questions and yes i would love to sit down with him and have dinner and loved to be snatched in his arms and held lol. that would make my day too.


thank you and sorry bill haters i still like bill.

but yes Eric Northman is Supreme Vampire and Supreme Sexiness!

via TEN IS HERE!!!! lmao night TEN we’re here!.


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