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Top Ten Reasons I Love The Men Of Bon Temps (via @CindyLouLouBear)

The Men of Bon Temps & Shreveport are Varied, but all Handsome in their own way. Here are some of the reasons why I’d like to live in that fictional world.

10. LaFayette. Do the words “Aids Burger” mean anything to Y’all? That & take your pick from any of his numerous one liners. You’ve got yourself a friend for life there, Hookah..

9. Sam. At first, I didn’t know if I liked Sam “that” way or not. But ever since I saw him with Daphne in Season Two, I can see the sweetness in him. He’s a complicated guy though. But then again… Who isn’t complicated in Bon Temps?

8. Hoyt. Hoyt just has this innocence & sweetness that I adore. He’s gotten out from under his Momma’s Annoying Thumb & is his own man now. Hoyt’s grown so much since the start, I just love seeing where he’s going next.

7. The Magister. Yes, I said The Magister. Never before his appearance had we seen behind the veil of Vampire Politics. We met the Authority, & It WAS the Magister. I got the yips just watching him rule.

6. Jesus. I will miss the sweet nurse with a soft spot for short order cooks. He was just such a breath of fresh air in LaLa’s life after all the shit that had come before. LaLa deserved to be happy with Jesus & would’ve been if it weren’t for fucking Marnie.

5. Liam. Ok, NOT the nicest guy or Nicest Vampire we’ve ever seen. He WAS the first & creepiest though. Seeing him with Maudette Pickens was the WEIRDEST thing in Vampire sex we’d see until Bill & Lorena.

4. Jason. Not too bright in the smarts department, Jason has been through the Ringer these past years. He’s really grown up though, & hopefully he can make things work with Jessica. Here’s to Bon Temps Finest! *salute*

3. Bill. I was smitten with Bill from the moment he walked into Merlotte’s. When he slid his hand in Sookie’s, I melted. I knew from the books what was coming from him, but I didn’t care. The scene where he tells Sookie she’s safe with him….Mmm.. Southern Gentlemen.

2. Eric. Ever since he laid spread out in Bill’s bathtub, I’ve adored the viking. He doesn’t suffer fools & he knows what he wants. Is he cutthroat? Hell Yes! But being 1000 years old, you kind of have to be. Amnesia Eric was the sweetest Man, you just want to lay your head against him & sleep.

1. Alcide. Good Lord, I love that man. He was in Bon Temps to do a job, and he did it. He didn’t know he’d fall in love in the meantime. Alcide’s had some bad luck with women along the way, but hopefully, that will change soon. You just want to hug him & have him sweep you up in his arms. He’s noble, he’s a man’s man, but can treat a lady like a queen. And the fact that he growls is just a bonus.

via Top Ten Reasons I Love The Men Of Bon Temps


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