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Who Are You? – Day 3 (via @lexiglam)

Who is Warlo? That question has been running through my mind ever since we found out Sookie’s parents were killed by a vampire.  And what a stab to the heart, eh?  Sookie has had many a torrid love affair with a couple of those beloved fangers and then she finds out one of them killed her parents! Well doesn’t that just fucking suck.  I do have to say she’s handling the news rather well unlike her brother Jason who is having flashes back to S2 ala Fellowship of the Sun. And please dear Godric, don’t have Jason backtrack to his religious wacko phase because I prefer him and his sexy times with Jessica. 😉

My first thought to Warlo’s identity was Bill because in Sookie’s vision she heard those three little words…no…not I love you, silly. YOU ARE MINE! Then my friend politely reminded me that all vampires say that. I don’t care, it could still be Bill because he was around during the time of that deed being drawn up on Sookie’s house. Plus, he had a file on Sookie’s family history when they first met. It would make it easier for Sookie to hate Bill for killing loved ones now that he’s Bilith.

I don’t think it’s Eric because he was in Europe at the time all of this was going down.  It would also make him a great ally and keep Sookie’s trust in vampires alive because his parents were killed by vampers too.  But then we have Nora reacting to the name “Warlo” in the bonus feature. I have no fucking clue how that’s gonna play out and even though, she’s Eric’s sister, she has a heavy English accent and probably wasn’t with Eric at the time.

Warlo could also be Russell, but he knew nothing of the Fae until he met Sookie. He’s also dead and that makes it no fun.

Wouldn’t it be completely fucked up if their parents were still alive and this was some messed up mind game! I wouldn’t put it past the writers you know.

The best explanation would be a new vampire introduced onto the scene for next season but speculation is more fun! V”V

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