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Fangover: Day 3 Eric and Nora (via @mswriteok)

Sookie decided to give her heart a rest at the end of Season 4, where she broke up with both Eric and Bill.

I honestly thought both men would be at her house about a second after Tara was shot, but they were otherwise diverted — snuggling in the trunk of a car driven by a dark-haired woman we soon discover is Eric’s long-lost sister Nora, a member of the Vampire Authority High Command.



We discovered quickly how fast Eric got over Sookie as he had loud, loud sex with is “blood-sister” Nora. I’ve got the image of her smashed against the side of the trailer by Eric burned in my mind. I swear I can see it when I close my eyes, as well as hear that line, “We fight like siblings, but we fuck like champions.”
Thanks so much for that.
I am not at all impressed by Nora. I found her to be a whining little tramp, hypnotized by Lilith and Salome and determined to get her sib on the same side.
As the season progressed, we saw both Nora and Eric escape the true death, and by the end of this season, she is the only original Authority member still standing.
Eric and Bill were made members after they brought in Russell Edgington, but then he became a member at Roman’s death.
I am so happy Eric was able to fight the “Lilith” virus successfully, and to convince Nora that their father Godric was right, Lilith was a fraud, and she had been wrong too.
Eric, and his alter-ego Alexander Skarsgard, have had a great season. In one of the greatest scenes in this series’ history, Eric’s release of Pam’s bond was award-worthy. I cried for both of them. The quick, sunny smile he gave Pam when he saw her in the final episode was beatifically beaming, even covered with blood. He may have released her, but those two will always stay together because they truly love and respect the other.
I was so happy to see the tenderness in Eric as he held Sookie when Bill had puddled out. He was in total defense mode when Bill was reborn, and his first thought was to tell Sookie what she hears way too much: “Run!”
Now, with Bill turned into some super-vampire, we are left to wonder what he’ll do next.
I think Eric will grab Sookie and get her the hell out of there, and since we all know Nora knows who (and what) Warlow is, Jason will probably let her live, at least for a while.
I really hope Nora heeds Eric’s warnings about not snacking on our favorite fairy, but I think it would be funny if she developed a little girl-crush on Sook because she smells so damn good.
I’m guessing Nora will stay with Eric in Shreveport and she’ll help run the bar for awhile, since I’m guessing Pam and Tara will be busy enriching their maker/child bond in various ways.
In the end, I’m hoping Nora will go back and take over the nightly duties of running the Authority and dealing with Bill, in whatever form he lands in.
Perhaps Eric and Nora will celebrate whatever holidays vampires celebrate together, but go their separate ways, leaving Eric to brighten our lives every summer with his escapades in Louisiana, and that he also keeps close to Sookie. They’re a much more fun combination.

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