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Pam and Tara Sitting In a Coffin K.I.S.S.I.N.G! – Day 2 (via @lexiglam)


Maker and Child made out! I know it may sound a bit convoluted but vampires have relations all of the time. How else are you supposed to spend eternity together? And it’s not like they’re “blood related.” HA! 😉


One of the reasons I enjoy True Blood so much is how LBGT friendly they are.  Love is love and it doesn’t matter your species or sexuality.  A show after my own heart! No labels just sexy time loving. ♥

I’m  actually really fucking loving Tara as a vampire!!! Best decision the writers ever made and I only wished they did it sooner!

What a difference a Maker makes. Tara has some bitching new outfits thanks to Pam! She really knows how to dress her girls. Tara to me, has always dressed the most drab out of the ladies but now, she has one the best wardrobes.

Before: MEH! Boring….


Yes, Tara could be beyond annoying as a human, but now she can use her spitfire of a tongue and literally rip people a new one!:DDDDDDD

I hope Vampire Tara stays around for a long time and S6 explores more of this love/hate maker/child relationship between Pam and her.

via Pam and Tara Sitting In a Coffin K.I.S.S.I.N.G! – Day 2


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