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Fang-A-Thon: The Fangover: Day Two (via @DemonXDiantha)

Russell Edgington

     Once again, can I just state how incredibly well Denis O’Hare plays bat-shit crazy? That takes true talent, for it to come across so flawlessly  so believably. Most of the time, you never believe the crazy people. You assume it’s just an act. But he believed in his insanity, and O’Hare was able to pull it off without blinking an eye. Snaps for Denis. You will be missed, you crazy mofo.

     On that note, let’s talk about his death. I’ve hear a lot of different opinions. Some people think it was too easy. Others think he deserved more of a grander death. In my humble opinion, I thought it was perfect. It was simple. It was elegant. The fact that his last word, before meeting the true death, was “Fuck,” completely drove it home for me. What else was left for him to say? It was a more than fitting death to an incredible character.

     And who’s to say that’s the last we’ll ever see of him?

via Fang-A-Thon: The Fangover: Day Two.


One response

  1. Great GIF, he did feel the best he ever felt in this short time. My king, sigh.

    August 31, 2012 at 6:01 pm

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