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Fangover: Day 2: Jessica the broken-hearted (via @mswriteok)

My all-time favorite baby-vamp has had a bad couple of years.
I loved how this uber-Christian girl embraced her inner vampire with gusto, flummoxing her maker Bill, as well as Eric and Pam with her teenage angst.
When Bill finally becomes a father figure different from her intolerant human father, she settles happily into immortal life.
I truly enjoyed watching Jessica and Hoyt find first love together, even though she discovered sex was going to hurt eternally if she kept regenerating one particular part. Hoyt didn’t care. He simply loved his flame-haired little vixen.
Other than how Jessica solved the hymen-problem, I have no problem with her growing in to a sexual vampire. I was dismayed, but not surprised that she fell for Jason. Seriously, every girl in Bon Temps that isn’t related to him has fallen for Jason one way or another.
Last season, my heart ached for Jessica when both Hoyt and Jason threw her out of their lives in the same episode, if not night. She had tasted forbidden fruit, loved it, and “Whammo!” both guys ditch her, thinking they’re doing the right thing.
The problem there was: Jason could handle it.  Hoyt could not. But enough about him for now. We’ll deal with him in a later post.

I thought Jessica looked especially toothsome in her Halloween costume. Little Red Riding Hood suited her perfectly, and Jason was happy to succumb to her charms.
Things looked pretty rosy for Jessica and Jason until he got an attack of maturity and at the same time the shit kicked out of him by Hoyt.
Jason tried to man up, but losing his friends wasn’t as easy as he hoped.
Add to that, Jessica decided to try out the local college scene, where she was readily accepted. I mean really, wouldn’t you hang with a girl whose guardian is mysteriously absent, who can provide endless booze, has rocking parties and that vampire charm to boot?
Jason was at an impasse. He loved Jessica, but she was ready to start sowing the very wild  oats Jason had just finished. What is a deputy sheriff to do?
While his first experience with the Fae left him dreaming about his long dead parents, the massive head injury inflicted by Russell Edgington  had them hanging out with him and Sookie, hearing them  trash vampire after vampire.
I think at this time he is damaged, and all he can think of is protecting his only living family, Sookie, from all the “dead boys” she likes.
When Jessica, finally free, runs up to Jason, throws her arms around him proclaiming her love for him at last, she did not expect him to stare at her like she was something diseased and tell her he could never, ever, love a vampire.
You could hear her heart crack into pieces as the news soaked in.
I think right now she is either in complete shock or taking it in stride, because she has to smell his blood and know he has a bad head wound.
We’ll have to wait until next June to discover if the damage is permanent or if he can learn to love our ginger-haired girl again.

via Fangover: Day 2: Jessica the broken-hearted


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