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11 Things to Remember From ‘And When I Die’ (via @VampKingBill)

Season 4 was a bit unusual in that it was the first season that didn’t immediately follow the one proceeding. Because of that loose ends from the finale of Season 3 weren’t necessarily tied up (such as Maxine buying the shotgun after Hoyt said he was going to be with her) and as a result you could get by without having the finale fresh in your mind.

Season 5 however, will be returning to the previous trend of picking up exactly where Season 4 left off. With that in mind here are a list of events that you’re going to want to remember since they’re surely going to have play on Sunday…

1. Lafayette’s blood powers – I use that phrase deliberately because I do think the remorse over what he did to Jesus will come into play. It won’t matter that he wasn’t his right self, it was still his hand that did the deed. How he’ll use these powers should be interesting to watch in the season ahead.

2. Fall out from Marcus’ death- this will certainly entangle Sam and Alcide, and there’s a very good chance that it’ll ensnare Luna as well due to her past relationship with Marcus and her more current relationship with Sam. She could easily become some kind of pawn in the upcoming fight, not to mention they’re still going to have to deal with Emma and the very real fact that her daddy’s dead because of Sam.

3. Jason/Jessica/Hoyt – It’s clear from previews that Jason and Jessica will continue to explore this new friends with benefit relationship. Hoyt’s hurt at Jason’s betrayal isn’t likely to go away soon. Look for things to remain strained.

4. Jason/Vampire!Newlin/Jessica – The relationship between these two was complicated even when Newlin was still a human.It’s only going to get more so now. Previews also show him interacting with Jessica so I imagine that a lot of their storyline will intertwine this season.

5. Patrick – The ghost of fricking RENE warned Arlene about this guy. ‘Nuff said.

6. Debbie’s death – Previews have suggested that Sookie is having trouble dealing with it, not only in the possible form of nightmares, but based on her conversation with Alcide. Look for it to color her interactions, at least through the first part of the season.

7. Tara’s questionable status – Many of you likely know what have happened, but for those who don’t read spoilers I won’t say. Let’s just remember that no one on True Blood is truly dead til you see the body in the ground and even then…

8. Pam – There’s going to be some kind of fall out from her behavior last season. Although her behavior is likely what ultimately saved Eric and Bill (though I’m sure Sookie could have microwave hands up a solution herself) it’s also likely the reason why we have the death warrant on Bill and Eric. Plus there’s the fact that she disobeyed Eric by revealing her location to Bill and disobeyed Bill by not revealing the location sooner. She’s in hot water with two powerful vamps. Something will happen.

9. Bill and Eric and the Dead Gay Storm Troopers – Doing the Authority’s dirty work (i.e. killing Nan) doesn’t get you out of the warrant on the True Death. The main motivation for their storyline this season is the fallout of the fact that they’re still alive and Nan is not.

10. Bill and Eric and Sookie – There’s clearly going to be some extra love interests for Bill (apparently Salome) and Eric (Nora) and perhaps even some bromance between the guys, but the triangle wouldn’t just fade away.

11. Chains and a hole where Russell used to be buried – Nothing more need be said.

Honorable mention

12. Andy and Holly – the apology was sweet and the confession a big step for the guy. Whether they continue that storyline remains to be seen.

Phew! Quite a lot isn’t it? When you first watched the episode, it didn’t necessarily feel like a lot of stuff happened, but break it down and it’s really was a crazy episode wasn’t it? We have a lot to look forward to this season and I hope you’re all as excited as I am.

via Fang-A-Thon Day 28: 11 Things to Remember From ‘And When I Die’.


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