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Fangover Fangathon 8 Sookie Stackhouse (via @SookieStack_SVM)

I am actually quite glad about Sookie’s character this season for the simple reason that as in the book, she has gotten on with her own life and is determined not to be involved with Bill or Eric. This is a nice tie into the books as that is what she tries to do, though as in the books things do not go according to plan.

Sookie is still very much act first think later, especially with Tara when she begs Pam to turn her. She also will still do anything to defend her friends and those she cares about, even though sometimes her friends do not like it too much. She also risks a lot for Jason when they have their plan to deal with Russell Edginton and fight not to mention risking her life when she stumbles on the hate group that has been chasing non humans and finding Hoyt.

Just like in the books she is soon hip deep in trouble as she has to deal with an Angry Tara and then find out Russell is on the loose again. She also nearly dies in a car crash and in her drunken haze manages to get cozy with Alcide. That was always on the cards but the delicious twist of Eric and Bill walking in on them was a great way to illustrate the wrong time aspect and also the three men in Sookie’s life scenario, which first reared it’s head in book 3. I do regret there not being the moment with Eric Sookie and Bill which was in the books and suggests a menage a trois, however we did get the dream sequence about that in season 4.

Sookie, just as in the books can’t avoid the Vampires and all too soon she is helping them out and is involved in their problems as always though this time there is very little protest and a lot more guts from her. Instead of being weak, she is now showing more strength and is fighting for herself as well as trying to solve her own problems. She is becoming more like the independent book Sookie that I like.

I hope we see more of the independent Sookie in Season 6 and maybe we will also see how her relationship with Eric resurfaces and defines itself too as it is going to happen.

via Fangover Fangathon 8 Sookie Stackhouse


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