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True Blood Season 6 Questions (via @vs4as)

It has been a week since the True Blood season 5 finale aired. Fans are still wondering just what did they see in the finale and what will it mean for the new season next summer.

Here are a few questions I know I have:

What will Andy do with 4 half fae daughters?

Maurella delivered not just one baby on the pool table at Merlottes but FOUR! She left the babies in Andy’s care with the comment that it is his duty to make sure at least half of them make it to adulthood. Will they grow quicker than human babies? Will Andy manage with 4 newborns? Holly is a saint for helping deliver the babies. Not sure she will be willing to raise the babies (but she just might to help Andy out). Alan Ball hinted that the babies may go live with the fairies as protection (in the TV Guide interview)

Who is Warlow?

Jason is seen in the bonus scene shown on HBO Go calling out that he’s out for “Warlow”. Nora looks quite puzzled that Jason is aware of that name. Sounds like Nora will have some insight for him as to the identity of Warlow. What will he want with Sookie? What will it mean? Is he a friend or foe? He did kill the Stackhouses (or so we are led to believe). Have we already met this vampire? (Or will he be a new one shown in solid form not the spirit form shown in season 5)

What is Billeth?

Inside True Blood blog posted that : The blood of Lilith should come with a warning label. May cause a thirst for power and possible hallucinations. Or is she real? “Whether this creature is an apparition or a deity, it doesn’t really matter,” says Alan Ball in the Inside the Episode video. “She’s pitting them against each other to get the strongest to survive.” In the interactive features on HBO GO, Stephen Moyer says Lilith is setting up “a giant, bloody game of ‘Survivor.’ 

In the season 5 finale Bill Compton drank the vial that contained the ‘blood of Lillith’. This caused him to liquify and what appeared to be a ‘final death’.  Looks were definitely deceiving when we next see Bill rise up from the blood and appear to be the new version of “Lillith”. Just what is this incarnation? (Billith) Is it still Bill Compton? Vampire Bill did go very dark in season 5 so now this new incarnation is another shock for fans.

Will fans see Eric and Sookie ‘together’ again in season 6?

No I don’t just mean in the same scene. Will they rekindle the romance they shared while Eric had amnesia? (I might have hated the whole witches story line but Marnie’s spell did give us a great chance to see Amnesia Eric). Eric and Sookie did share a tender moment when they both thought that Bill was truly dead. Will they join forces to battle Billith?

Will they find that love again? Eric has admitted his love for Sookie. Will any of that be shown in season 6? Again Alan Ball teased fans with “But right now we don’t know how Sookie feels about vampires. The fairy elder said, “There’s a reason you give your heart out to every fangster you meet.” That’s going to be very interesting to find out why.”

The season finale of course answered and finalized some story lines but also left even more open for season 6. Hopefully the storylines will make sense and not cause for cluttered and rushed episodes. Season 6 will only have 10 episodes so how it will all play out will be interesting.

via True Blood Season 6 Questions.


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