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Favorite Villain – Day 8 (via @lexiglam)

THE Russell Edgington is my favorite villain. I admit, I detested him in S3, with all of that werewolf control and V shit, not to mention the way he just grabs the innards out of people. But he certainly grew on me this season.

Oddly, enough he actually brought a bit of normacly to the Authority. I love how he accused them of basically being “school marms,” when the rest were talking about teaching The Vampire Bible to all baby vamps.  That’s when things started to really unravel and the Authority fell apart one by one.

I only wish his death scene had been longer. I really wanted to  see Eric get his revenge but drag it out a bit. I know Russell has suffered in the past but this was OH FUCK! I’m dead. Where was the foreplay? Maybe Russell could’ve helped Bill see the fucking light and he wouldn’t be Bililth! Then you could kill him.

RIP Russell. I’m gonna miss you and your hot mess…

via Favorite Villain – Day 8


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