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Fangover Day 8: Arlene and Terry and Andy, Oh My! (via @mswriteok)

This year, the main focus of True Blood was vampire business to the point nearly everyone else’s business focused on it too.
There were exceptions, and we’re peeking in on those today.
I thought Terry and Arlene’s story line this year was stupid. Why did Rene even show up at the end of last season? She paid no attention to that Halloween visit and welcomed Patrick with open arms, even when Terry clearly was not glad to see him.
Patrick’s role was pretty much a place holder so Terry and Arlene, perhaps the only happily married couple in Bon Temps, could have their own story line, miss each other and take right up with their lives next season.
We all knew Terry has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but we didn’t know why. Seeing Patrick brought back both those memories and his terrible mental state.
A slaughter in an Iraqi village was no big plot  surprise until one victim cursed the soldiers who shot her.
She calls up in Ifrit, an Arabian fire monster, to stalk and kill them..
I’ll give them that. The Ifrit was cool.
Terry’s road trip was a waste of plot time we’ll never get back, and the lone soldier in the Dakotas was only there to be Ifrit food.
Arlene though, had a better season. She knew something was wrong, really wrong with her husband and started asking for help – first Holly, then Lafayette.
Wasn’t they séance was great?
 Patrick got a big dose of “Damn it’s real!” and Terry, who had already accepted his death, got a chance to redeem himself when Lafayette channeled the Iraqi woman.
His apology, while it didn’t fix everything right away, got Terry the forgiveness he needed, but with one caveat. He had to kill Patrick.
We all know what happened next. I’m glad Arlene had the gumption to fight for Terry and her children herself, giving Terry the courage to do what needed to be done to Patrick and get his life on track for the first time in a long time.
It’s all sunshine-and-roses between Terry and Arlene now but I’m thinking they won’t be having any more kids right now.
Surprisingly, Andy Bellefleur will be the one on Daddy Duty.
His night with Murella and the ET-like finger touch cost the sheriff dearly, though that birth scene was much needed comic relief. Like everyone else, I think if we orgasmed  while giving birth, there would be a lot more people on this planet.
I’m not clear that all four babies are girls. I’d like to think there are two boys in the mix. Whatever, Andy will have his hands full  and a whole lot of explaining to his grandmother when he brings those bundles of joy home.
We can only hope those half-fairy babies will grow up at super speed and they’ll be school age in no time. And, even if they are telepathic, I don’t think Sookie is going to start a career as a tutor.

And it can’t have been only me, but I wonder when Chris Bauer started working out, because wasn’t he a buff boy this year? Perhaps it was knowing he had to do a nude scene at last.

via Fangover Day 8: Arlene and Terry and Andy, Oh My!


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