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WTH Alcide?!? – Day 5 (via @lexiglam)

First Debbie, now Rikki. When will Alcide get a fucking break?!? Did the writers not think we’d notice or care that both of his lady loves have overdosed on V?

Well I care. Alcide had a good thing going with this she-wolf Rikki, not to mention the sex was rough and hot! Raawwwrrrr… 😉 Then the writers had to go mess it up within the last few minutes of the finale. Son of a bitch! This is only going send Alcide back into the arms of Sookie and with Bilith ressurrected and Eric thinking Godric knows what, she may not be able to stop herself this time.

Sookie has already been penned the “supernatural slut,” which is highly unfair considering her brother Jason is Bon Temps  Town Gigalo.  Having two beaus that just happen to be vampires, does not make you a trollup, it means you have a healthy love life. Although, if Alcide and Sookie were to hookup, it might snap Jason out of his psycho babble and visions of parents.

I hope this is the last we hear of V because honestly, that rodeo is getting old. Rikki will snap out of it so she and Alcide can build a life together. Or Alcide should just avoid all names that have an “ie” sound to them  Oops,  that means Sookie!

via WTH Alcide?!? – Day 5


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