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Fangover Day 5: Jason’s 19th Nervous Breakdown (via @mswriteok)

Jason, Jason, Jason.
What a season you’re had.
In the space of 12 episodes you went from the biggest slut in the parish to a man who turned down an eager college coed, a fairy and finally the girl I think you really love (even if she is a vampire).
You also lost your best friend and support system by banging his ex-girlfriend before he had gotten over her, causing a breach that broke Hoyt’s spirit and trust in anyone from his home town.
Most of all though, you were trying to grow up. I was so proud when you gently disengaged from the college girl, made her put on more clothing and drove her back to her dorm.
I frankly was floored, but could see you had matured.
You  also starting falling for Jessica, considering a real monogamous relationship, not realizing Jessica still wanted a chance to play around. Forever is a long time when you measure time in millenia.
It didn’t matter really, the feelings between you and Jess are real, try though you might to deny them.
The real trouble started when the Judge took you and Andy to the Fairy Bar. When you saw Hadley and learned that Hunter was there too, you were at first happy they were both alive, then shocked to learn that the Fae wanted your sister there as soon as possible, and forever. You learned about the allure of Fae blood to vampires.
The big blow, though, was learning that vampires, not a flash flood, had killed your parents. When you caused a scene at the club, you were ejected by white light, which finally clicked on the bit of Fairy in you. You started hallucinating about your parents, and it seemed so real.
That caused a major crack in the armor built of your beliefs.
Because you enjoy detective work, you grabbed Sookie and headed back to the Fairy Bar, not just for you, but for your sister to hear she was in danger from the men she loved and maybe she should spend some time relaxing at the club.
In the middle of this, a gang in Obama masks started shooting shifters. Sam Merlotte was great at tracking the group and you discovered retired sheriff Bud Dearborn and his girlfriend were behind it.
You got to the hog farm just before Bud was going to kill both Hoyt and Sookie, and though it cost Bud his life, you saved two of the most important people in your life.
You hoped that this event would help heal the breach between you and Hoyt, especially when he invited you to meet him at Merlottes.
You were surprised when you saw Jess was already there, but heartbroken when you discovered the reason he had called you there.
First, how could Hoyt just leave Bon Temps for Alaska, and worst of all, ask Jessica to glamour him so deeply he would forget his relationship not only with her, but with you too?
You could understand he wanted a new start, but how, really, could he do it without you? He’s your Bubba, your running buddy, your very closest friend. You were heartbroken, and though you’d never heard the word, bereft.
Things continued to fall apart when you and Sookie discovered the clue about what was going on with the Stackhouse family under Gran’s bed. Neither one of you could make head or tail of the strange document.
Back to the Fairy Bar you went. Learning your sister has been pledged to someone named Warlow 300 hears ago — whom the Fae imply is a vampire — ripped the walls down. You were determined to protect your sister with everything at your disposal.
You left Sookie there, sure she would be safe and cared for.
You had no idea that Russell Edgington was so much closer than you knew, and you can’t help that you get glamoured with ridiculous ease. You ratted their location right out and not even the eldest Fairy there could survive a full-on onslaught of a ravenous and raving vampire.
Russell sent you flying, and you hit your head — hard — when you landed.
You missed Russell’s inglorious end, but when you awoke, you found your parents were with you, standing right there, telling you to take care of your sister and to start killing vampires.
Since those desires dovetailed so nicely, you went right along to the Authority with Eric and his sister Nora, as well as Sookie’s best friend Tara, now a vampire too.
What’s a man to do? You did well. You armed yourself to the teeth with all manner of  weapons designed to kill vampires, and went to work. With your parents egging you on and seeing and smelling the blood and the muck of dead vampires, your grip on sanity finally slipped away.
You looked at the woman you love straight in the eyes and told her you could never, ever, love her. Then, you just went on, oblivious to the sound of her heart breaking.
Right now, you’re in an elevator with four vampires and the voices in that damaged head are telling you that you could take them out too.
Man I hope your sister gets to you before you try.

via Fangover Day 5: Jason’s 19th Nervous Breakdown


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