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Last Night 30 wah :( (via @FangbangerEST89)


wah it is the last night of the fang a thon……sadly. this has been so much fun and it has helped me personally cuz i’ve had trouble writing and i wrote my 1st poem and stuff that i haven’t done in so long…..i hope we’re still doing a fang over :) happy for that too lol.

Up is the picture of baby vamp jessica i think this season she will no long be baby vamp lol i think poor jason is in trouble because he thinks with his penis lol and then automatically thinks he’s in love poor jason. Jessica is going to kick major butt this season. Was excited to see that promo of her with steven looking like she’s going to take him down. I look forward to seeing that as a whole lol. “My daddy’s the king”. lmao! it’s going to be a great great season. I am hoping lol as we all are.

Thank you to the makers of the fang a thon i hope there will be more to come as i’ve personally enjoyed reading others blogs and also blogging myself. so thank you thank you thank you!


via Last Night 30 wah 😦.


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