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Hello, Season 5 (via @mswriteok)

Thirty days ago I couldn’t imagine writing my last post of this Fang-a-thon.
It’s bittersweet.
That said, this post is going to either prove I have a preternatural power of observation or I’m a complete loony, because I’m going to speculate about how Season 5 will go.
First, I read the downloaded script pages and I laughed and laughed. Since this is a spoilerish-topic, I won’t say what I saw, but I will say this.
Russell Edgington will fall head-over-fangs in love with Steve Newlin. It’s perfect. Steve is as shallow and as well dressed as Talbot ever was and Russell will love showing the former head of Fellowship of the Sun the vampire ropes and cavorting with him behind the closed bedroom door.
It appears Hoyt is either going to be a fangbanger or turn into a complete vamp-hater. He may be both. It make take him all season to transition from one to the other, but Jessica broke his heart and her feelings for Jason broke his spirit. He’s a different sort of “Lost Boy” and I hope he can find a way back to the sweet guy he was.
I believe Eric will be the man to turn Tara. He will turn her over to Pam to teach her, and those two are going to recognize kindred spirits and they are going to be hell on wheels this season.
They will be the female version of Russell and Steve. Pam will love having another woman around, especially another bi- woman, and Tara will enjoy exacting revenge on all the men and women who screwed her over in her life.
Bill and Eric are obviously going to become great friends at last. I think they’ll both show up at Sookie’s house in the first 60 seconds of “Turn, Turn, Turn,” and while Sookie will be glad of their company, she won’t want much to do with them.
Jessica is going to get to Jason in the nick of time, chasing Steve straight into Russell’s arms. This season I think the deadly redhead and her boy toy will explore the depths of their attraction to each other.
I also wonder if one day Jason will open his front door and be confronted by half of the women from Hot Shot and their babies. Payback’s a bitch, kids.
Also, while Andy Bellefleur is courting Halleigh the waitress, he will be confronted at some point by either a pregnant fairy or one with a baby who looks remarkably like him. Andy’s going to have some ‘splaining to do, and he’d going to have to think fast.
I think Alcide will make a play for Sookie this season and will be the main man protecting her from Russell’s thirst for more of her intoxicating blood. I don’t know how far they will go, because Alcide also has a lot of pack business to deal with, and he will wind up Packmaster.
Debbie Pelt’s parents will come looking for their daughter and Sookie’s conscience will bother her, but not so much that she will confess she knows literally where the body is buried.
Sam, who will at first be blamed for Marcus’ death, will be saved by Alcide, but how will Luna explain to Emma that her dad is dead and Sam was there when it happened? They’ll have a tough time this season.
Lafayette will be in mourning for Jesus and Tara and even if his boyfriend’s spirit drops by to keep him company, right now he blames Sookie for at least half his problems. He will have to come to terms with his magical powers before he can be of any use to anyone else.
Arlene’s marriage to Terry may be in jeopardy since Patrick has come back. Terry and Patrick are not going to be doing anything good, but it should be interesting.
Last of all, the Authority and Nora will at first hunt Eric and Bill, then assign them to take care of Russell Edgington before he can kill too many more humans. It will be intriguing to see Eric and Pam’s backstory, as well as see how Eric and his “sister” Nora interact. From the trailers, it seems Nora can give Sookie a run for her money where Eric is concerned.
Sookie is going to have a rough year I think. Bill and Eric will be MIA from Bon Temps, Russell is surely coming for her and bringing Steve along for the fun of it, Alcide will be doing his best to protect her but pack business will interfere, Jason will be his scatterbrained self and will forget his sister might need him, so she’s going to have to depend on herself to keep safe and sound.
And, one more thing, as the season goes along, we’ll be less and less of Sookie, and I mean that since she’s expecting in real life, camera angles will be higher and higher and I’ve heard she’ll be carrying a big purse in front of her in any long shot.
I’m ready. Bring it on.

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