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True Blood and Food (via @TrueBloodMame)

One of the most memorable and important concepts in the show is food. It is not an accident, given that it is our blood too that is considered a food source. From rabbit stew, AIDS burger, heart souffle, blood gelato, hoe cakes, Gran’s pecan pie to food with ju ju, Fairy Land lumieres that have magical abilities, blood that is Nirvana and Arcadia and elixir of life. Egg in the show is represented as a reference to life, birth and growth, fertility and creation but also as a symbol of a Cosmic Egg giving this particular food even more universal and powerful meaning.

Food has always been a symbol with strong social, religious and anthropological connotations. Food is a rich resource for symbolic communication, expression, and action.

Food is particularly powerful as a symbol because it is so deeply embedded in everyday as well as celebratory life and can therefore be read in many ways. Because it fulfils physical as well as emotional and psychological needs, it may be intentionally utilised as a symbol. And because food engages all the senses, it tends to evoke strong sensory and emotive as well as cognitive associations.

via True Blood and Food


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