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The eyes say it all (via @TrueBloodMame)

These two scenes look very similar on the surface and the setting is the same, the woods near water. But the differences between the two scenes that look so much alike are greater than the similarities. Just look at these two pictures.

In the first one, Sookie has just been fed Bill’s blood for the first time. She looks really dazed and confused, not really sure about what has happened. She is under the influence of his blood, drugged up. Bill’s eyes, on the other hand, are fixed on her neck and he is looking like he is assessing if she is effected by his blood or not.  Sookie has got exactly the same look in her eyes after being fed Bill’s blood in Fangtasia after the maenad attack. And at that time, Eric warned Bill not to overcook her.

In the second one, we see Sookie trying to get closer to Eric, grabbing his back and neck pulling him closer. Her eyes,looking into his, are filled with joy and she almost looks surprised that there’s no pain or fear, only pleasure. Eric’s eyes are fixed on hers making sure that she is comfortable. Her eyes are clear and she is not effected by any other substance than love.

via The eyes say it all


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