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Follow Friday: True Blood (via @TB_PamR)

Confused by all the TBRP characters on Twitter?  We’ve got the scoop on where to find the real stars of HBO’s original True Blood as well as official accounts for the show and the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries books  by Charlaine Harris. For all things True Blood the place to start is @TrueBloodHBO on Twitter and on Facebook

Please note: HBO does NOT endorse and is not affiliated with any RP accounts, Neither is Charlaine Harris. To the best of our knowledge NONE of the RP characters on Twitter are or are even affiliated with with the talented actors and actresses appearing in True Blood.

Before we dive into the cast members we want to give a special shout out to some of the amazing musicians and crew members who work so hard to make True Blood the series we all love. Although it’s unlikely a role-player will ever choose them as a character for TBRP, we should all applaud their work. They are:

Jace Everett

Admit it, you’re never going to hear Bad Things the same way again. Musician Jace Everett tweets as @JaceEverett. He also has a website.

Nathan Barr

The composer who gives True Blood its unique soundtrack tweets from @composerbarr and he has a website.

Romeo Tirone

Cinematographer Romero Tirone helps give True Blood its unique look and visual feel. You can find him on Twitter as @RomeoTi.

true blood cast Follow Friday: True Blood

Now on to the faces you all know and recognize! Please note that Alexander Skarsgård who plays Eric Northman on True Blood does not, to the best of our knowledge, tweet or have a Facebook page.

True Blood Season 5 Cast

Anna Paquin-Moyer

Sookie doesn’t tweet but Anna has an official Facebook page.

Carolyn Hennesy

The talented actress behind the Authority’s Rosalyn Harris is on Twitter as @carolynhennesy. She also has a website at

Carrie Preston

Versatility is the middle name of the talented actress behind waitress  Arlene Fowler. Find her on Twitter as @Carrie_Preston She’s also on Facebook and has a website at

Deborah Ann Woll

You can find the lovely lady behind Jessica Hamby on Twitter at @deborah_annwoll. She’s also on Facebook.

Denis O’Hare

Russell Edgington’s kinder and more human half is on Twitter as @denisohare. He also blogs at

Jamie Gray Hyder

You can find the actress behind True Blood newcomer Danielle on Twitter at @JGHyder She is also on Facebook and has a website.

Janina Gavankar

Luna Garza’s human half is on Twitter as @Janina. She is also on Facebook and Posterous.

Jim Parrack

The talented actor behind the long-suffering Hoyt Fortenberry tweets from @parrack120

Joe Manganiello

Instantly recognizable as the Were(wolf) Alcide Hevereaux, you can find the multi-faceted actor on Twitter as @Joemangiello.

Kelly Overton

You can find the actress behind Rikki, a new werewolf in town on Twitter as @iamkellyoverton

Kristin Bauer van Straten

The beautiful lady filling Pam Swynford de Beaufort’s pumps can be hound on Twitter as @BauervanStraten. She is also on Facebook and has a website.

Lauren Bowles

The bewitching lady behind Holly Cleary tweets from @LaurenEBowles.

Lindsey Haun

You can find the multi-talented  human behind Sookie’s cousin, Hadley Hale on Twitter as @HaunSoloProject . She’s also on Facebook and Formspring.

Michael McMillian

The gifted comic book author and actor behind Rev. Steve Newlin is on Twitter as @McMillzz.

Nelsan Ellis

This comes with a disclaimer. It appears the talented actor behind Lafayette may be on Twitter at @OfficialNelsan, however, Twitter isn’t listing this account as verified and there only appear to have been on Twitter since May, so it’s hard to judge the authenticity of the account.

Rutina Wesley

The talented actress behind the long-suffering and much maligned Tara Thornton doesn’t tweet but you can find her on Facebook.

Ryan Kwanten

If you’re looking for the handsome man behind Jason Stackhouse you can find him on Twitter as @Ryan_Kwanten. He is also on Facebook and tumblr.

Sam Trammell

The extraordinary actor who shares a first name with his character Sam Merlotte is on Twitter as @SamTrammell

Tara Buck

Don’t scream but the amazing actress behind Fangtasia’s favorite waitress, Ginger, is on Twitter as @iamtarabuck. She’s also on Facebook.

Finally Dead or Ghosts

We’re pretty sure the characters played by the following actors and actress are finally dead. Of course that doesn’t mean they won’t reappear in True Blood at some point. Look at who turned up for the Season 4 Finale!

Allan Hyde

The very talented man behind Eric’s Maker Godric is on Twitter as @Allanhyde

Ashley Jones

The beautiful actress behind the ill-fated Daphne Landry is on Twitter as @AshleyAJones

Evan Rachel Wood

Best known as Queen Sophie Anne, this amazing actress tweets as @evanrachelwood.

Kevin Alejandro

The handsome man who stole our hearts and Lafayette’s as Jesus tweets from @KevinMAlejandro.

Lara Pulver

The amazing actress behind Claudine Crane, Sookie’s fairy godmother can be found on Twitter as  @LaraPulver

Mariana Klaveno

The terrifyingly talented lady behind Bill’s Maker Lorena Krasiki is on Twitter as @KlavenoFarmGirl.

Marshall Allman

You can find the man behind Tommy Mickens, Sam’s troublesome brother on Twitter as @MarshallAllman. He’s also on Facebook.

Mechad Brooks

Poor Eggs. The handsome man who brought him to life tweets as @MechadBrooks.

Michael Raymond-James

The fascinating and talented actor behind True Blood’s very first villain, Rene Lenier can be found on Twitter as @MRaymondJames

Paola Turbay

May not be a familiar name among TBRP but Spanish-speaking truebies will definitely want to follow the ghost of Antonia Gavilán on Twitter at @paolaturbay.

Status Unknown

Although True Blood has a reputation for killing off characters, those played by these talented folks are in a sort of limbo. Their characters are not know to be finally dead but they also aren’t known to be appearing in True Blood Season 5 Not that that means anything….

Courtney Ford

Don’t tell Bill but the sexy actress behind Portia Bellefleur is on Twitter as @_CourtneyFord_ She is also on Facebook.

Dawn Oliveri

The actress fortunate enough to play Alcide’s sister Janice Hevereaux tweets as @DawnOliveri

Kristina Anapau

The mysterious woman behind Maurella tweets from @KristinaAnapau She is also on Facebook.

Marcia de Rousse

The actress who gives Dr. Amy Ludwig her attitude tweets from @smartlilblonde.

Tanya Wright

The lovely lady behind Officer Kenya Jones is on Twitter as @tanyaTTwright.

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