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True Blood Dialect (via @QueenFaeMab)

Let me start off by saying, my PM was born and raised in southern Louisiana. She doesn’t sound anything like they do on the show except for the occasional y’all and folks, but does find many of the accents and speech funny. Let’s start of with the most obvious, Lafayette. Of course he’s black and gay, but he adds his own colorful flair. There’s the ever popular hookah, beyatch and hallelujahs. Next we have Bill or as Sookie likes to call him, Beehl. His favorites are of course Sookeh! and Jessicuh. Sookie, who tries to be polite, abbreviates curse words like “holy S”. Then we have Arlene who loves to add holy in front of words and good gravy. Andy’s favorites seems to be gaw dam and sheeit! It’s funny the one actor who’s actually from Louisiana, Sam sounds normal. No one in this town seems to remember the “g” on the end of any words, they use “ain’t”, “and” is now “an”, “you” is now “ya” and “for” is “fer”.

Let’s not forget the fabulous one-liners. Tara to Lafayette: “Giving Jason Stackhouse vampire blood is like giving Ho-Hos to a diabetic. You know he can’t control himself.” Terry to Arlene: “Your hair is like a sunset after a bomb went off! Pretty.”  Maxine Fortenberry to Hoyt: “You’re Dirty Harry now ‘cause you’re dipping your penguin dick into that vamper tramp?” Jason to Steve: “I reckon I’ve already been to heaven and it’s inside your wife.” Lafayette to Jason: “Ew, luvah, you gon’ make me clutch my pearls.” I could spend days listing my favorites, but this fae needs her beauty rest. In the words of Lafayette, I’m goin’ ta bed, y’all bitches clean. 🙂

via True Blood Dialect


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