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Oughta Be An Otter (via @mswriteok)

I love otters.
They’re lovely, graceful creatures who live in and around water. They like to hang out in groups and they seem to have a real sense of humor and love to have fun on a regular basis.

Personally, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than in, or near the water. I like water parks because they combine water and playing in a delightful way.
That being said. If I were a shifter, I’d want to change into an otter at every opportunity.
It’s a too bad really, because I realize this means I’d need to stay away from the Bon Temps/Shreveport area because of the werewolves and werepanthers who hunt in the area. Also, I’d have to really pay attention to all the pesky alligators who live around the area.
It’s also a shame because I’d like to invite one bar/restaurant owner in Bon Temps to come shift with me one full moon. Or, maybe two. Or three.

You get the idea.
However, if there were someone in Bon Temps who needed a roommate, say a telepathic waitress who lived alone in a big, rambling house in the country, I could stick close to the house, maybe invest in an above ground pool for us and that’s where I’d play when there was hunting in the area during full moons.
It would be a win/win situation. I could help with bills as well as buying the pool, and I could entertain Bill and Eric while Sookie was getting ready to go out with one or the other.
I could even bring home the occasional fish for supper.

Then, a few times a year, I could fly out to spend time with the otter shifter communities scattered throughout the U.S. and spend time with them as well.
I believe it’s a workable plan, but I do have one question.
How much rent do you think Sookie will charge me?

via Oughta Be An Otter


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