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A Whole New Dimension (via @mswriteok)

Most of the characters in True Blood can become a bad-ass if the situation is right. Every single character will fight viciously when threatened, but there exists one group who can kick anyone else into the middle of next week. The Britlingen Collective. In the books, Sookie met them during the the Vampire Summit in Rhodes when she sees two strangely-dressed women. They are wearing black clothing resembling body armor and their demeanor is all business. Sookie discovers that not only are these woman not human, they’re not from any place around here. People  who use the collective need bodyguards whose sole aim is to do whatever it is their boss of the moment needs, no questions asked. The Britlingens clients pay handsomely because the soldiers don’t stop until the job is completed. Their sole rule? “What is the law?’ “The client’s word.” They must be summoned by a witch from their dimension and when they arrive, it’s up to the witch to negotiate their contract with their guild and then send them home when their contract is up. They do not leave until it is completed to the letter. Needless to say, they are extremely well paid. I’d love to meet one of these women. In my mind they’re dressed a good deal like Kate Beckinsale in the “Underworld” movies.

They are lethal weapons whose mercenary ways make them impossible to corrupt. Personally, I think Bill and Eric would each pay half and hire one to protect Sookie. Think how many hospital visits Sookie would miss by having someone there who could fight any supernatual person and kill them without mercy or regret. On second thought, Sookie would hate having someone protecting her all the time. She does love to take care of herself, but maybe the idea of having one she could call on when she needed one would make her accept having one around. They would make an interesting addition to the show, and their basic existence would give the show an extra layer, to the point we could see their homeland, much like we got to take a look at Fae.

via A Whole New Dimension


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