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A Look Back at True Blood Vampires (via @TB_PamR)

If you’ve been paying attention to the True Blood teasers and trailers being released for Season 5 you may have noticed there are some new vampires coming to town. These vampires are members of the Authority, well, except for the newly Turned Steve Newlin, not sure what’s up with that. In many ways the Authority represents the connection of vampire society to our past, not as individuals, but as a society and a race.

That inspired me to do a little digging on my own and what I discovered was this video about True Blood vampires which first came to light between Seasons 2 and 3.

The basics haven’t changed…much. TruBlood still allows vampires to survive without feeding off humans, if you want to call that survival. I’m not quite sure I’m down with Russell’s gorging on humans concept expressed for Season 5 but I can and do agree that I like feeding on Lunch much more than anything that comes in a bottle. Methods for making and killing vampires are also pretty much the same. To Turn someone you drain them to the point of death then let them drink your blood. Maker and Progeny are then buried in the earth for the days and on the third night the newly turned vampire rises. Killing a vampire is much simpler. You can stake them, cut off their head, drain them  or burn them. Season 3 added shot with wooden bullets to that list.

Presuming a vampire survives their Turning and manages to avoid the short list of things that will kill them, they will increase with power over time. Put bluntly, Eric is more powerful than Bill no matter who is wearing the crown -smirks- A point that might be worth remembering in Season 5 is that Jessica will be more powerful than the aforementioned Newlin. One aspect that hasn’t really been dealt with is the fact that as vampires age new powers come into play. Makes you wonder what tricks Russell is hiding, doesn’t it?

A vampire’s ability to glamour hasn’t played a big role in True Blood since it got a workout in Season 1. That Season Bill glamoured a cop and I glamoured Ginger…for the umpteenth time. Poor girl gets it again between Season 3 and 4 after the demise of the Magister. Does anyone else wonder just how much mind she has left? And in Season 5 it looks like our newest vampire uses it on Jason….

The Maker-Childe relationship remains intense, though, as we’ve seen there are many ways to define intense. I think Season 5 will continue to prove that point for me, so I’m not going to expand on it further here.

It’s interesting that two seasons ago the power struggles between kings and queens only merited a brief mention in the video. One might be forgiven for thinking vampires were more concerned with blending in with human society and their own personal emotional baggage than anything else. That, I think is the biggest change I see in the vampires of True Blood heading into Season 5. We are political animals…in every sense of the words.

via A Look Back at True Blood Vampires


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