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Monday! (via @LuvBONESnTBlood)

It’s Monday!

I bought Season 4 from Amazon last night so I can watch it on my laptop or kindle fire. I know I’m missing the extras the DVD gives but I don’t worry too much I’m sure they will be on Youtube at some point LOL!

I am also finishing my re-reading of Dead Reckoning and then wll re-read Deadlocked even though I just finished that not too long ago. Once I am finished with the books I am going to marathon it. Go thru 1-4 one more time straight thru up until Sunday night!

Seems HBO has a mini marathon of there own earlier in the day on Sunday so maybe if I plan things right I’ll go right up until then.

With so much speculation and promos, trailers, interviews, etc…All I know is this should be the best season for Action thus far. It’s sad that we might not get the Eric and Sookie love we want so much but they fact that it’s back and in full swing with the Viking Sex God and the telepathic fairy it’s ok…..for now!

Eric {to Sookie}: I wish you the best Sookie Stackhouse…

via Monday!.


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