Cravin' More? Cure your TB withdrawal!


“Do you go to Dillards!?…”

Anything with Pam is a sure hit, she’s wonderful and sarcastic and JUST IMAGINE SHOPPING WITH HER. It would be great!

I also love all of the videos surrounding Jess and her baby vamp blog as I think it’s cute that the writers are keeping her in touch with her humanity and that they’re using her as a way to engage the fans with the show more, It also give the illusions that, even though we know vampires don’t really exist (sobs), they are as Eric put it ‘just as different from one another as humans are, because we were humans.’ thus helping to erase the stereotypical vicious/cruel/nasty vampire image. If those in the show who hated vampires were to come across this blog, if all of it was real, they would see that Jess is just as human as they are and may feel sympathetic towards her and therefore be less likely to judge vampires straight away.

I don’t know if I did a very good job explaining myself there, but I hope you catch my drift…



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