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True Blood Tumblr Themes! (via @TB_PamR)

You might have noticed my designer tumblr theme. -smirks- It was created for me by my lovely, extremely talented and very deadly Childe, @Scarlett_Area5. Since not everyone is blessed with such a wonderful Progeny (and don’t eventhinkof making a comment @Eric_NorthmanTB, this is graphic art not writing Fangathon posts!), I thought I’d highlight some places you can find True Blood themes for tumblr to use on your own tumbleog.

In no particular order, look for True Blood tumblr themes at:

As you can see, those fortunate enough to have True Blood themes are in a very select group -smirks- Now you can be one of us! Just don’t go bothering my Progeny asking for a custom theme. One of us would have to kill you…and we’d both probably enjoy it -smirks-

Pam: Did we join a book club

via True Blood Tumblr Themes!


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