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True Blood Season 5 Sneak Peeks (via @DarlingSookie)

Last week’s Season 5 Premiere Party in LA yielded Truebies everywhere with three more sneak peeks into the upcoming season:

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but Pam and I can tell ya, Eric won’t even pick up his own towel, let alone clean an entire office. He has crews that handle this sort of thing and trust me, I’ve seen the invoices once, they get paid a pretty penny for their thorough cleaning and discresion. So this seems like a great piece of fiction by Alan Ball.

Plus, if vamps are this great at cleaning, why did it take my disappearance to get the remanents of MaryAnn’s mayhem out of my house and off the wall? I mean, these vamps are so determined to prove they care for me, but instead of buying me expensive kitchen appliances, how ’bout ya pick up a broom every once and a while?

Anyways, I guess I have more important things to worry about. After all, Russell’s runnin’ wild and free after a year in a cement grave. And of course, there’s also that messy business of the psycho bitch were, Debbie, who’s head I recently blew off.

I know Alcide ‘abjured’ Debbie and apparently, among the Were community, this holds great significance. But I highly doubt his feelings for her changed just like that. In fact, I’m willing to bet he’s hurting inside after everything that went down and I honestly don’t know how to tell him I shot and killed Debbie.

I mean, yes, she broke into my house and tried to kill me. But honestly, I don’t know that I could rationally just not hate the person who killed someone I loved, even if it were in self-defense.

Honestly, I feel bad for Terry and Arlene for losing their home to that freak fire. But I’ve got more important things to worry about than them temporary living in luxery out at Belle Reve. I suppose that’s a bit callous of me to say, but come on, you live in a fully restored plantation home that is the envy of most of Bon Temps, should ya really be complainin’?

What do y’all think about the clips? Feel free to post your comments below!

via True Blood Season 5 Sneak Peeks.


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