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The True Blood Game (via @TB_PamR)

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about this E3. I’m not sure what it is, but it seems to have something to do with games. Maybe those things Eric likes to play on his phone while enthralling vermin at Fangtasia -smirks- He thought no one noticed.

Anyway, since I wrote the book on TBRP and the 2nd edition is just about to be released, I thought I might give those game manufacturers meeting in Los Angeles something to think about when they go to design the True Blood game.

First, make it an MMORPG. You only have to scratch the surface of Twitter to realize there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of fans role playing True Blood characters. Rather than trying to beat them, game makers should join them and create a game that allows them to continue their role play but within an highly interactive multimedia universe rather than one that is mostly text.

Second, don’t try to combine or merge the worlds of the novels and the television series. They have diverged too far to ever come together again. Besides, a game, and I use the term loosely, based on the books already exists. Stick with the show.

Finally, create scenarios, preferably actual mysteries, that can have many different paths and solutions. Perhaps game makers could begin by picking up dropped story lines from the show and allowing players to tie them up. Or they could create what if points within the storylines depicted in the show. Of course, they can always create new storylines. There’s enough going on on Twitter and in TB fanfic to plant the seeds of hundreds of scenarios for players to explore.

That’s really all there is to creating a True Blood game. -smirks- Well that and finding artists who can actually create game characters that resemble the real deal.

via The True Blood Game


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