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The Erotic Effects Of Drinking Vampire Blood: (via @QueenFaeMab)

If Vampire Blood, or V as it’s commonly called is consumed by a Human (or any other creature) even in a small doses it will heighten the senses, increase strength, cause hallucinations, and bond the drinker with the Vampire. The effects are different with each person; however, if the blood is taken in a large dose, it causes several different effects, such as healing someone who has injuries and an increased libido. Men experience an enhanced erection for a long period of time.

The first time Sookie drinks Bill’s blood, she dreams about running outside in her night gown and throwing her arms around him as they embrace. Her desires are short lived when she awakens to her cat Tina staring at her. Another example is in season 3 after Sam drinks Bill’s blood and has a dream where a shirt-less Bill knocks on his hotel door and asks Sam for his shirt and to use his shower. The phone rings and Sam wakes up. The water sure is hard in Arkansas. *giggle*  After Jason’s werekitty trauma, he is found by Hoyt and Jessica and she immediately offers him her blood. He begins having very erotic dreams about Jess in only a bra and panty. This dream is also short-lived as Hoyt suddenly pops up in his dream. Three’s a crowd Jason. After being shot in the leg, Eric offers Lafayette his blood and Laff begins dancing around and humping everything in the room! So be careful when consuming V or else you could end up naked in a field somewhere and humping everything in sight!

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