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Character I’d like to see (via @mswriteok)

Remember learning about sets in math?
True Blood and the Southern Vampire Mysteries share most of the same people, but each universe has characters not found in the other.
I’d like to move one character from the “Not Found in True Blood” to inclusion in both SVM and TB.
I want to meet, and get to know, Niall Brigant, Sookie’s great-grandfather and a fairy prince. What if the fact she is descended from Fae royalty is what gives her both those unique powers of telepathy and white light fingers, as well as no known blood type?
Niall is described like this: “His glamour is that of an elegant, handsome older man with green eyes and long, pale hair.”*
If the show has the budget and great persuasive skills, I have just the man in mind to play Niall.

Yup, David Bowie. He’s long, lean, elegant and a perfect Niall. This might be something that could interest him. I’d surely love to see him on True Blood. He has enough stature both as a rock star and an actor to stand up to Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard.
Can’t you see the scene where Eric takes Sookie out to dinner to meet someone and introduces her to her grandfather?
And as I see it, Niall could shed some light (yes, it’s a bad pun but those are the best) on how it is Sookie has her gifts and how she can better use and control them? And who knows, maybe she has a few more powers she hasn’t manifested yet, ones Niall could clue her in on.
Now that I’ve cast Niall, what’s the next step in making my dream a reality?
Any help would be appreciated.

via Character I’d like to see


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