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Fangathon Thursday (via @LuvBONESnTBlood)

Seeing how the season’s “try” (and I mean that so lightly) to coincide with the books if we had to leave Season 5 up to Dead as a Doornail I would be bored and pissed.

That book was my least favorite in terms of Great Vamp Business. We already know it barely had any Eric and Sookie in it to begin with so in a way I’m glad and looking forward to the other storylines True Blood is bringing forward this season with the Authority and supporting with Terry/Patrick and Lafayette/Mom. We needed something to help that out. I love Sam and all but that’s all side stuff compared to Eric/Sookie and vamp crew.

Thanks to everyone out there that posted them but especially EricandSookielovers for the excellent posts with Premiere photos and peeks. They seem to have the best photos and clear peeks out there. (Hope the peeks are on HBO Go soon)

I made a snippet from the sneak peak video from Dailymotion which I believe was courtesy of E! because I just love the expression on Eric’s (Alex’s) face!

via Fangathon Thursday.


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