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Trailer Number 2 (via @Aly_x)

I love you, TB writers, but I didn’t need to see what I assume is a mangled, bloody Russell Edgington wrapped in a large piece of cloth…ew guys! 😦 I guess that’s where they filmed the creepy hospital scene? Idk, I’m just guessing here!

It was, however, useful to get a bit more context to the speech leading up to the whole ‘angel of death’ thing, those words were so strange coming from Lafayette as he’s always loved Sook, but I can understand his anger. What set that little rant off? It looks like it took place at work rather than in private at home.

Jess messing with Steve Newlin? I’m curious as to what that’s about and what’s going to happen to him, I also want to know what Steve wants with Jason…revenge for sleeping with his wife? or does he actually want some help?

I wanna know why Alcide is crying…he’s wayyy too manly to cry, was it because he found out about Sook killing Debbie? Or was it because she used him? Personally I hope it’s because Sook used him, Debbie is nothing to cry over in all fairness….

Seeing Eric being trapped by a silver net and hearing him cry out in pain breaks my heart, poor baby 😦

Chris Meloni – let me love you<33 he’s even more beautiful covered in blood after staking someone.

I wanna know how Nora plays into this, how did she get to Bill and Eric? Why is she there? (other than being Eric’s sister of course) and why is she going against The Authority if she was one of them? Also, what or who caused the massive explosion? SO MANY QUESTIONS. oh and why is Eric kissing Nora. No darling, Sookie should be the only one you’re kissing, even if she is being difficult at the moment.

Hoyt covered in blood? I have a feeling he’s joined the FOTS and is now killing off vampires in revenge and hatred towards Jessica. Maybe it’s something else though…interesting to see such a light character take such a dark turn.

Ahhh Russell Edgington, you crazy and wonderfully wacky man. We all know though you don’t wanna gorge on human blood, it’s Fae blood your after 😉 I’m curious about what goes down in NO. they looked like they were having fun filming there.


‘A three thousand year old vampire wants to suck my blood. Must be Thursday!’

whoever wrote that into the script…

I was crying with laughter for a good ten minutes. Ohhh I love you<333

via Trailer Number 2


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