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Favorite True Blood Cast Member (via @DarlingSookie)

Truly, this isn’t a simple I just love so and so. When it comes to the cast of True Blood, there are several standout actors/actresses. Some for their humanitarian efforts, some for their acting abilities and of course, the ones who stand out just by being gorgeous.

*coughs* Alexander Skarsgard *cough, cough*

All joking aside, I must say, I’m truly impressed by the humanitarian effort from several of the cast members. But if I had to choose one as my favorite overall, I’d have to go with my face claim, Anna Paquin.

Beautiful, talented and known for her work with organizations such as: Make-A-Wish Foundation, True Colors Fund and Children’s Hospital in Los Angelas, it’s hard to say you don’t like her.

I, personally, love the fact she’s comfortable with herself. In a society where so many celebrities are adamant about “getting work done”, she stays true to herself, embracing her flaws and imperfections and that to me, makes her even more beautiful. I mean, someone who is naked as often as she is on True Blood, you have to have to be pretty comfortable in your own skin. Especially when the rest of the female leads, clearly are not.

I’m not sure I can say I truly can see Anna as being made for the part of Sookie Stackhouse. As a bookie, I find it hard to overlook the fact that physically, she is nothing like everyone’s favorite fair-haired barmaid. As a fan of her as an actress, I feel Alan Ball has done her a disgrace by pushing Sookie from being the show’s leading lady, to a one-dimensional sidelined character.

Perhaps, I have to admire her ability to deal with Stephen and Alex as well. According to interviews, she’s the most professional of them all and if you have ever seen an interview with her and the boys.. well, let’s just say Eric and Bill’s (b)romance will not be a hard thing to “act” out.

Before the cameras begin rolling, Skarsgård walks up to his mark in the center of the room, Moyer kneels in front of him—his character is picking something up off the ground when the shot begins—and the director watches them from his chair in front of a camera monitor. While waiting in their places, Skarsgård looks down at his costar and says dryly, “It looks like he’s sucking me off,” to which Moyer responds by bobbing his head vigorously. Skarsgård closes his eyes and starts moaning with the intensity of a slash-fiction hero, after which Moyer stands up and wipes imaginary fluids from his mouth with the back of his hand. He scans the crowd and after taking a slight bow says, “And the Emmy goes to… ” A crew member whispers to no one in particular, “Now that’s what I call ‘Action.’”

– via BlackbookMag

So needless to say, Anna has her hands full with these boys and I will continue to look forward to her work as an actress. And of course, we are all anxiously awaiting to see hers and Stephen’s adorable new addition, which should be arriving sometime this Fall!

I must admit, her and Stephen’s chemistry shines through on True Blood and as an Eric and Sookie fan, I find myself secretly (in the safety of my home with all the curtains drawn and music blasting really loud), rooting for this pair to make it work.

I mean, truly, you can’t say they don’t make an adorable couple and you aren’t rooting for them, too…

via Favorite True Blood Cast Member.


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