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Favorite Quote (via @TB_PamR)

There’s vampire in your cleavage.

I have so many great lines, it’s had to settle on just one. But, since I’m getting a little sick of top ten lists, I managed it. -smirks-

I chose this line from the very first season of True Blood because, to me, it epitomizes everything I am and want to be: Droll, sexy, smart, devious and classy. And no, not necessarily in that order. -smirks- I also love this line because I got to put my hand done Sookie’s shirt before Eric did.

OK, that might have been a little petty. But it isn’t that often that I get the jump on my Maker and I’m entitled to enjoy it on those rare occasions when it does happen. It also let’s me mention my favorite book quote which is my answer when Sookie asks why I’ve been teasing Eric so much lately: “He usually doesn’t give me this much ammunition.”

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