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What supernatural being would I be and why? (via @SassyJessOB)

This is a most easiest blog entry I am going to write, because if I’m going to be any supernatural being it would be a vampire… I think I speak for anyone who has watched true blood and any other vampire series that we all want to look super pretty, have super strength, super fast and in a true blood case and other books out there we also want to be able to glamour to get our way!

Vampires make things super sexy and super fun, the only downsides is wooden stakes and silver but out there we all want to be made one don’t we?

I would love to be made immortal. There’s something sexy about not ageing and not having to worry about your latest wrinkle to your tattoo’s slowly destroying as your body ages.

Vampires I believe will exist when the day zombies have been made… Sound stupid but if zombies will become possible, who says we wont evolve and eventually drink blood?

The one vampire I admire the most and makes me want to be made one is Pamela Ravenscroft. She makes vampirism sexy, fun, stylish, and many more things.

So if I was supernatural that’s what I would be…

via Day 12 #fangathon2012 – what supernatural being would I be and why?.


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