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How I Would End the Final Book, Part 1 (via @mswriteok)

I’m not Charlaine Harris and I’m glad I’m not, but if I could creep into her consciousness long enough to write the final Sookie Stackhouse book, “Dead Ever After,” here’s what I would do.
I’d set it five years from the end of “Deadlocked.”
Sookie would by lying outside her much-improved home on her chaise, soaking up the sun, and not far away would be a kiddie pool with two small children splashing away.
Sam would walk out the front door, carrying a plate of raw hamburgers and hot dogs. The grill would be heating up nearby and he’d stop by the chaise and give Sookie a loving kiss right on the mouth, saying, “Hey there, Sook.”
“Hi, honey,” Sookie would answer. “You might want to put a little more sunscreen on Sammy and Adele. The last thing they need is a sunburn.”
“Sure,” Sam said. “Right after I get this meat on the grill.”
As the meat sizzles, Sam picks up his twins and with a lot of giggling and hugs, he re-applies suncreen to his little blonde children.
“What’s up for tonight?” he asks.
“I think Eric and Bill both are coming over to see their ‘teacup human’ godchildren, and Jason and Michelle will be bringing Jason Jr. over and they’re going to babysit so you, me, Eric and Bill can go out for dinner tonight to celebrate our anniversary.”
“Which one?” Sam asks with a twinkle in his eye.
“Oh, all of them,” Sookie replies airily.
Closing her eyes again, Sookie thinks back to how this all came about. She never thought it would end like this.
Five years ago tonight, she brought back Sam from the dead, using the Cluviel dor. Eric wouldn’t return her calls and Bill was impressed she had stood up to the Viking. She knew Bill expected that she would run back to him right after Eric said he was going to marry Freyda.
Eric surprised everyone. He broke of all contact with the Queen of Oklahoma and came back to Sookie, expecting for her to forgive him like she always had.
He was in for a shock. So was Bill.
She remembered the private conversation she’d had with each.
Bill checked in first, as always.
He’d come by as soon as he was up, showered and dressed. Sam and Sookie were in the house, getting ready for bed in separate rooms. After Sam was alseep,  Sookie took a deep breath and walked into her living room.
She had told him then that breaking their bond was the best thing she had ever done. She was free to be with her human friends, to do things that lasted all afternoon into the night without worrying about who would think what when a vampire walked in.
She hugged him then, a warm, close hug, and whispered into his ear, “Bill, I will always love you because you were my first love, first in so many things. You made me the woman I am today, but I will never be yours. Never.”
Bill was quite surprised, but stepped back and took a good look at her.
“You’ve changed,” he said, stunned. “I believe you mean this.”
“Oh, I do, Bill. I do,” she said.
The handsome vampire stayed a while longer, drinking a glass of True Blood and considering what the woman he would love for eternity had said. He began to realize she meant it.
After a few hours, he bade her good night and with a kiss to her forehead, he left.
She was asleep on her couch in front of her TV when she heard another knock on her front door. She had no doubt who it was.

via How I Would End the Final Book, Part 1


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