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A good use for V (via @mswriteok)

Hello, and welcome to Day 11.
Though they don’t sell V in the books, it’s a popular recreational drug on True Blood. In the books, we see how vampire blood affects humans after Sookie has a sip of Bill. She feels better, her hair is more luxurious, all kinds of things.
The way vampire blood seems to cure almost anything made me start thinking:
In either or both universes, why doesn’t the human medical community ask willing vampires to donate their elixir  of life to seriously ill people? Think of the good it could do.
Surgeries would go much better, a small amount put into in IV would hasten healing. Say someone was hit by a car, a little V would have them walking out of the ER within minutes.
In the books, however, it doesn’t help blood diseases. Remember Pam had a girlfriend with leukemia whom she couldn’t turn because she could not get permission. The woman died. I have to think Pam had tried to let her drink her blood and it must not have worked.
It would certainly give vampires a lot of leverage where equal rights are concerned. They could get about anything they liked for the price of a blood donation. What if they asked for an even trade: human blood for an injection of V?
I’m sure a lot of vampires would volunteer because it would increase the size of their donor pool.
And, since it seems that V from a vial doesn’t create a blood bond with the donor vampire, there wouldn’t be all these vampires having feelings about all the people they helped.
It’s just a thought, a supposition, but it has some interesting ramifications.

via A good use for V


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