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True Blood Alphabet (via @QueenFaeMab)

Okay kids, class is now in session!

A is for Arlene Fowler (that crazy red head waitress who always forgets my extra chicken on my salads), Andy Bellefleur (deputy…just say no Andy) and Alcide Herveaux (werewolf who has the hots for Sookie)

B is for Bill Compton (vampire king of Louisiana)

C is for Crystal Norris (big mama kitty) and Claude Crane (one of my fae)

D is for Daphne (Sam’s previous woman and a shifter who didn’t quite make the next full moon)

E is for Eric Northman (conceded vampire Viking) and Emma Garza (Luna’s doll loving kid)

F is for Fangtasia (vampire bar where I’ll never poof too!) and Faeries (my people whom are all fabulous, except for the insubordinate ones)

G is for Ginger (OMG stop screaming ya looney bitch!) and Godric (Eric’s maker who met the sun)
H is for Hoyt Fortenberry (giant 5th grader), Holly Cleary (waitress/witch) and Home Box Office (better known as the channel HBO that carries fantastic programming such as True Blood!)

I is for Immortality (doesn’t seem like too many immortals are that immortal nowadays)

J is for Jason Stackhouse (Sookie’s brother who I think fell on his head as a baby), Jessica Hamby (baby vamp), and Jesus Velasquez (witch/ghost)

K is for Kenya Jones (very cool deputy who doesn’t take lip from no one)

L is for Lafayette Reynolds (gay cook who calls me hookah), Lettie Mae (Tara’s nutso mom), Luna Garza (Sam’s current woman and also a shifter), and Lorena Krasiki (yet another insane vamp who has perished)

M is for Merlotte’s (best food in town!), Marnie (crazy dead witch), Maurella (one of my awesome fae), Marcus Bozeman (insane dead werewolf), and Mikey Bellefleur (Arlene’s baby, whom I still think could be evil somehow)

N is for Nan Flanagan (AVL), Naomi (Tara’s lesbian lover) and
Nora (Eric’s vampire sister)

O is for Type O. Apparently vampires like different blood types like they were flavors at Baskin Robbins.

P is for Pam de Beaufort, self absorbed vamp. Did I say that out loud? *laughs* and Portia Bellefleur, screaming lawyer.

Q is for Queen Mab, the most fabulous faery of all time!

R is for Russell Edgington, the craziest nut job this side of the Mississippi followed by Ruby Jean Reynolds

S is for Sookie Stackhouse, who I’m positive I’ll get back into faery someday, Sam Merlotte, owns a cool restaurant and turns into a dog *giggle* and Steve Newlin preacher turned vamp.

T is for True Blood, the synthetic stuff vampires drink, Tara Mae Thornton, who’s brains are splattered all over Sookie’s kitchen, Terry Bellefleur and Tommy Mickens

U is for Undead. Too many of those running around.

V is for Vampire. Blood sucking, sun scorching….eh you get the point.

W is for Were. Werewolf,Werepanther, werewhatever *rolls eyes*

X is for Xanax. Because after dealing with this crazy ass town, I feel like I need one!

Y is for Yvetta *coughs* slut

Z is for Zombie. I sure as hell hope I don’t see any of those creepy bastards.

via True Blood Alphabet


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