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True Blood Fan Favorite Moment: Death Winner (via @DarlingSookie)

HBO and True Blood have been askin’ for the fans to vote on their favorite True Blood moments.

This week’s winner was the infamous ‘Godric meeting the sun’ scene from Season 2. Now, as a fan of the books and the show, I can tell you, I was surprised by how much this scene touched me.

In the books, Godfrey (aka Godric) is a young 16-ish lookin’ vampire who preys on young children for sex and blood. There are some similarities between Godfrey and Godric. Both have come to the end of their undeaths with a somewhat remorseful heart. Though I say that as Sookie sees it, to them, they are not worthy of forgiveness and may truly not feel as if what they feel is truly remorse.

Of course, Godric’s biggest deviation is being Eric’s Maker. I suppose this was a good cover, especially since they had deviated with who killed Long Shadow in season one. This was a way of puttin’ Eric directly into Sookie’s line of sight and showin’ a more vulnerable side to the Viking Vampire that is not really demonstrated in the book series.

This week’s Fan Favorite Moment is Blood.

The blood scenes you can choose are as follows:

    • Lafayette uses a metal hip to try to free himself
    • Eric tricks Sookie into drinking his blood
    • Bill feeds on Sookie and walks in the sun
    • Sookie discovers she doesn’t have blood type
    • Russell rips out a man’s spine on live TV
    • Maryann serves Tara and Eggs a heart soufflé

Still haven’t voted yet? Never fear, voting is open all week and can be done here.

Only 30 days until the return of True Blood! Waitin’ Sucks, but not for much longer!

via True Blood Fan Favorite Moment: Death Winner.

via True Blood Fan Favorite Moment: Death Winner.


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