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Love in Bon Temps (via @mswriteok)

Bon Temps, like anywhere else on earth, has its problems, but one thing it doesn’t lack is love.
Yes, there is a lot of petty jealousies, feuds, spats and all out fights, but there never is any shortage of love (or even better, lust) in this tiny town.
Let’s start small and work our way up shall we?
Since Lafayette doesn’t exist past the first book, we’ll start with him. He has to deal with his grief at killing Jesus, and the probable death (in some form) of Tara before he can move on, and that may take some time for him. I’d say he’s probably out of the love department this season.
Andy Bellfleur is an unlikely candidate to be the object of anyone’s affection, but he finally scores big, both in the book and on the show. It takes quite awhile, but Detective Bellfleur finally lands a wife, Halleigh Robinson. They’re not yet married on the series, and in that universe, Andy has a late night tryst with a fairy. Perhaps we’ll see this season what happens there. Maybe there will be another human/fae hybrid in Bon Temps, giving Sookie someone else to protect from her fangy friends. In the book, Andy and Halleigh are expecting a daughter, to be named Caroline, after Andy’s grandmother.
Police officer Kenya has an officer boyfriend in the book, but she’s not so lucky on the series. I love the idea of the beautifully black Kenya living with her partner, shocking his white family, but love is love, and all lawmen need affection as much as, if not more, than everyone else.
Series lawman Jason has real women trouble on the series. He and Jessica are hot and heavy, causing poor Hoyt Fortenberry to lose both a girlfriend and a best friend. This season, it looks like he’s going to become a fangbanger. In the book, there is no Jessica, so Hoyt falls in love with another Merlotte’s waitress, Holly. She and her son fit nicely into his life in the book, and they are set to marry. Let’s hope he gets as lucky this season on the series.
But, back to Jason. In both universes, he’s had plenty of woman trouble. Some are dead, some left town and some simply keep their mouth shut about their time with Jason. In the book, Crystal is dead,  he’s dating Michelle, and they are planning a backyard wedding with Sookie’s blessing.
Sam and Luna seem happy on the series, but it looks like this year will be a bad one for the shifter, as he as killed the Shreveport wolf pack leader. In the book, his luck is equally bad. He is dating Jannalynn, the enforcer of the Shreveport pack, and her fate is not a happy one. We’ll all have to wait and see what happens to him, both on the page and on the screen.
Bill Compton will always love Sookie, that’s a fact. He realizes he made a huge mistake by withholding the real reason he was sent back to his original home town, but will all his apologies ever make an impact on his former flame? He accidentally dated a distant great-granddaughter, tried to rekindle old relationships with both his maker and his vampire sister, and has probably tried to date all kinds of other women, but nothing will ever compare to the beautiful, blonde, telepathic Miss Stackhouse. I think he’s simply out of luck.
Pam presents an entirely different problem. She prefers the company of women, but has dated her share of men. In the book, the last woman she really loved died before Pam could turn her, and I think she is still really pissed off about that. On the series, she has a several relationships but none — except the one with her maker Eric — seem to matter to her. I am wondering if she’ll be the one to turn Tara in the Season 5 premiere June 10, and since Tara started batting for the home team, will those two form some kind of lasting relationship? That would be very interesting to me, and it would do Sookie good to have a best friend as a member of Eric’s family.
One never knows about Eric. Yes, he loves Sookie, but their relationship is left in the air in the book series, and who knows what’s in store for our two favorite blondes in the series this year? I wish he would have her bring him the ceremonial knife this season (fans of the book know what this means) because it was the most stable relationship Sookie has ever had.
Most of all, I want Sookie to be happy. I think that’s all any of us want, really, and it will be up to two different writers to her fate.
As for me, I simply love that both universes exist.

via Love in Bon Temps


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