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True Blood Tunes (via @mswriteok)

If we’re blogging in the Fangathon, then every one of us knows Jace Everett’s tune “Bad Things” and if we ever got together, we could probably manage some pretty good harmony while we sing it, don’t you think?
We know Sookie sings with the radio and she tends to like powerful women singers like Mariah Carey and Carrie Underwood.
Still today, I’m going to have some fun and speculate what music our favorite residents of Bon Temps play to when they’re listening to their radios, MP3 players, etc.
Sookie’s musical tastes follow her mood. If she’s happy and things are going well with her vamp of the moment, it’s Black Eyed Peas because every woman has a little Fergie in her. I also can hear some Katy Perry in there too. “Firework” and “California Gurls” much, much more than “I Kissed a Girl.” If she’s depressed, I’m betting there is some Adele in her collection, as well as James Blount (“You’re Beautiful” is surely there) and John Mayer. When she’s had enough, I’m going for “Wish You Hell” by All American Rejects and Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You,” and if she’s mad enough, she’ll change the words.
Pam, now, will go for “I Kissed a Girl.” I think she also likes bands like Nine Inch Nails, say “Closer,” or a personal favorite of mine, “Sanctified.” The best lyrics in it say “Heaven’s just a rumor she dispells, as she shows you through the nicest parts of hell.” Sound like anyone you know? I’m betting men all over the world think of the Kinks song “Lola” and sigh, remembering their one night with Pam. I’m also thinking she may like chamber music on occasion when she remembers her past, and maybe ragtime.
Eric probably has an extensive collection of everything from Gregorian Chants to Kanye West. With a thousand years of seduction under his belt, he’s a connoisseur of music that helps women want to shed clothing–all the way from the days of lace-up corsets and petticoats to zippers and hooks. You know he’s got Barry White tucked away in there somewhere, as well as some Abba, A-ha and Golden Earring (all bands from the Netherlands). I’m thinking that the music collection at Fantasia is one of the largest in the vampire world.
Bill is more of a classical guy with a slant toward the Blues. His days as a Confederate soldier have given him a love for the tales of men and women done wrong, and his dalliance with Lorena made him a teaser of the ladies as he tickled the ivories and sang tunes with suggestive lyrics. He probably heard LeadBelly and JellyRoll Morton in person and has an amazing knowledge of all music based in the South. On the show, Bill and Sookie’s theme is the most haunting regular piece of music played. The mournful fiddle says it all.
Jason likes any rock and country music you can drink or screw to. I can seen him guzzling a beer and screaming “Freebird” at a Lynyrd Skynyrd outdoor jam as well as screaming lyrics along with the likes of Toby Keith or Tim McGraw. Sam, though he likes rock and country too, seems to be a bit more laid back. Picture him sitting on his porch, feet propped up, cracking open a cold one to any Kenny Chesney beach song, or listening to an old Journey or Boston album. I’ll bet he’s got a copy of several Brad Paisley albums too, because his sense of humor could not resist “Ticks” and “I’m Gonna Miss Her.”

via True Blood Tunes


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