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Day 7 #Deadlocked – My review. (via @SassyJessOB)


When I last wrote about this book I was half way through, having finished it last night quite happily I was in complete shock with the turn of events.
Many things are revealed in this book however most people seem to just want to know who Sookie is going to end up with and live happily ever after with in the next book.
This book sets the second foundation since Dead Reckoning the previous book and the way it was written gave me a lot of second thoughts.

My first thought is… Who is Sookie going to end up with in the next book? Now I have my theories.

1) it could be Sam. They could both finally realise together that as we all know is that Sam loves Sookie in one way and there the best of friends with what happens at the end of deadlocked I feel like there could be sparking some serious feelings after Sookie saves him.

2) It could be Quinn. Now Sookie has an up and down relationship with Quinn in the last few books, however they both never quite got to progress there relationship any further as Eric came into Sookie’s life and Quinn went and fell in love with someone else. But when Quinn called Sookie to say happy birthday and share his news with her, I felt sorry for him but I also knew that this is an opening, Charlaine Harris has put this back in to maybe make Sookie think she can maybe help Quinn and maybe fall in love with him again but this is just a theory.

3) However after also reading Deadlocked I’m afraid to say that I think Eric and Sookie’s relationship is going to fall apart as Sookie didn’t use cluviel dor for his situation, however I also think that maybe since the bond has been broken between Eric and Sookie that Sookie can no longer give an excuse for her feelings, she clearly and deeply loves Eric but if Charlaine is going to give Sookie everything she wants in the next book then maybe Eric is going to be able to give her children or something too. But to me that sounds silly and I feel stupid even writing about it.

There was a lot of pregnancies and engagements and so on in this book, maybe Charlaine was just pointing out to Sookie what she’s missing.
Either way I hope Sookie ends up with the right person.

I’m also glad to say that I’m really relieved that the Fairys have gone back now to there own world and won’t be in the next book at all. I was sad to see the departure of Dermot as he’s been nothing but a sweetheart to Sookie but we can officially rule out that she won’t end up with a Fairy.

The book has given me a lot of guessing to and from and it’s got a lot of problems going on but I’m happy to say that I’ve enjoyed reading it throughout. I will be sad to see how the series ends next year but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

So get reading if you’ve been reading the other books!


via Day 7 #Deadlocked – My review..


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  1. i’m trying to read as much as i can to get to deadlocked lol 🙂 awesome blog!

    May 18, 2012 at 8:45 am

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